About the Comics

Roonie the Rabbit is a comic about cute animals with big feelings.

About the Cartoonist

I’m Porter Mason. I have published comics since I was 13 in print and online. I also used to perform and teach comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and Los Angeles. In my spare time, I raise millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations online.

My wife, Kim, helps me with the comics. She is a certified Child Life Specialist. She has worked in hospitals for 10 years helping kids and their families cope with major illnesses and loss. She helps me focus the comics on emotions that kids struggle with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the comics just for kids?

Oh no! No no no. Nope! They are for all ages. Anyone can read and enjoy them.

Can I get more of the comics?

Yep, there are over a hundred of these comics that I have done exclusively for paid supporters. You can join the Patreon or subscribe on Substack at $5/month or more to unlock all those and get each new exclusive comic as I make them.

Can you draw something for me/my kid?

Yep! If you join the Patreon at $10/month or more you’ll get custom illustrations from me. I have limited availability for this, so the spots are… you know, limited.

How often/when/where does the comic come out?

It’s published on the website once a week on Wednesday.

You can also subscribe by email to get the comics a week early.

All Patreon and Substack members get to see the comics a week early, too. And of course, paid members get to see the dozens of previous exclusive comics.

How can I contact you?

If you would like to publish or license Roonie the Rabbit comics elsewhere or simply heap praise upon me, you can send me an email at porter (AT) rooniecomics.com.