About the Comics

Roonie the Rabbit is a comic about cute animals with big feelings.

About the Creators

I’m Porter Mason, and I make these comics along with my wife, Kim, a certified Child Life Specialist.

Kim has worked in hospitals for 10 years helping kids and their families cope with major illnesses. She helps me focus the comics on emotions that all kids struggle with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the comics just for kids?

Nope! They are for all ages. Anyone can read and enjoy them.

But we make them to help kids think about emotions, and we make some additional materials specifically for kids and parents.

Why are the comics about emotions?

Sadness, frustration, anxiety… your kids feel these things too. Kim and I first made these comics to open up a dialog with our own kids about their feelings. In 2021, we started sharing them with friends and family, and now… with you!

The comics will help your child’s emotional vocabulary. They’ll spark discussions, and offer you entry points to discuss difficult emotional states. It’s worked for us and our daughters, and we want it to help you too!

Can I get more of the comics?

Yep, you can join the Patreon.

Join the Patreon at the $3/month EXCLUSIVE COMICS level for:

  • an EXCLUSIVE new comic every week
  • access to all the comics a week before everyone else
  • hundreds of comics unlocked in the archives right here on this site

Can I get materials to help my kids with their emotions?

You can purchase individual packs of learning materials from our store.

Or you can join the Patreon, get all those for free, and more new packs each month.

Join the Patreon at the $5/month LEARNING PAGES FOR KIDS level for:

  • 10+ coloring pages every month designed by Kim to get your child talking about emotions
  • 10+ reading pages every month to help kids learn new words related to emotions
  • over 100 more learning pages in the archives
  • …plus EVERYTHING from the previous level

Can you draw something for me/my kid?

Yep! Just (you guessed it) join the Patreon.

Join the Patreon at the $10/month CUSTOM ILLUSTRATIONS level for:

  • your own CUSTOM illustration for you and your child every six months
    (get your illustration right away when you pay annually)
  • …plus EVERYTHING from the previous levels

If you’d like more illustrations, you can also get:

And again, if you pay annually, you’ll get those illustrations right away.

What else do I get when I join the Patreon?

When you join, you’ll also become part a great community of parents and allies who want to equip kids with the emotional tools they need in today’s world.

We talk about the comics as they’re posted, share stories, and have each other’s backs through this process. I do hope you join in. We can’t wait for you to get started!

How often/when/where does the comic come out?

Website schedule

It’s published on the website twice a week on Monday and Wednesday.

Patreon schedule

Each week, there is an additional Friday comic available exclusively to members of the Patreon.

Patreon members also get to see ALL the comics a week early. And of course, they get to see the dozens of previous exclusive comics.

Email schedule

If you join the email list, you’ll get the Monday/Wednesday comics delivered to your inbox.

If you get them daily, you’ll each one the day it’s posted to the website.

If you get them weekly, you’ll get one email each Monday, compiling the previous week’s comics.

Social media schedule

I also post the comics on WebToons, Mastadon, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and Imgur.

Bear in mind, when you follow on social, you often will not be shown 70-80% of the comics due to how their algorithms filter content.

And it’s usually posted at least a week or so after it’s posted on the website or on the email list.

How can I contact you?

If you would like to publish or license Roonie the Rabbit comics elsewhere or simply heap praise upon me and Kim, you can send me an email at porter (AT) rooniecomics.com.